I’d like to leave this area less informational and more about prompts. The idea of this page is to encourage you to be mindful of your personal cycle and how it translates to your emotional and physical energies.



Lunar Moon:

Spiritual Moon:

Cycle Intentions:


New – Mensuration – Rest & Release | Waxing – Follicular – Imagine & Plan | Full – Ovulating – Create| Waning – Pre Mensural – Evaluate

The moon is new – Her energy is quiet and resting. It is time to let go of what is old and let new things begin.

She is waxing now – Growing in size as if an egg that is growing ripe for fertilization. It is time to plan for something new

She is full and ripe. A full moon gives us the energy to create our desires. Now is when the plans grow into something with new life.

She is waning now. Her light has touched all that is. She is called to reflect and begin to lay to rest that that does not serve her highest good.