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Local Villa Rica resident, Tasha Holden, crafted the idea of Barefoot Wildcraft while taking a closer look at the plants that were growing wild around her home. In 2019, she realized that most all of the plants growing wild in her yard had medicinal properties that aid in respiratory health. After finding stringy plants that had fallen out of trees after storms, she felt determined to learn all she could about the wild medicine around her. Tasha turned that stringy plant, called Usnea, into a tincture and was unexpectedly prepared when the world changed forever in March of 2020.

Since then, she has branched out into foraging, planting, growing, harvesting and preserving her own food, making her own salves and balms and has created a long lasting, high quality, detergent free cold process soap.

We hope you’ll stay tuned for what is to come, as Barefoot Wildcraft continues to grow each day.

For now, we make and sell our cold process soap on consignment at two locations and at local pop up markets in West Georgia.

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PO BOX 1344 Villa Rica, GA 30180

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Made With The Magic of Nature

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