An Exquisite Weekend

This weekend We found ourselves driving down old dirt roads, enjoying the solitude together. The Jonquils are in full bloom right now and the rabbits are getting bold with spring just around the corner.

Narcissus Jonquilla - Jonquil - Rush Daffodil
 By Barefoot Wildcraft
Narcissus Jonquilla – Jonquil – Rush Daffodil

On Saturday, we went out searching for old glass bottles on a whim. It actually panned out pretty well. We found a beautiful glass amber crisco bottle, an amber purex bottle and several other really cool bottles. We found them down an old dirt road, by a really old cemetery. Those will go up on Firecraft Forge in the Etsy store. Everybody loves a cool bottle!

Cemeteries of the Weekend

Old White Oak Cemetery - Paulding County
Old White Oak Cemetery: (est. 1856)

At Old White Oak Cemetery, one cross faces north / south among all the others facing the traditional Christian way of facing east. Records of the Cemetery were said to be lost to fire long ago. 100+ bodies are laid to rest here. Most of are lost. Tradition says there is a Witch buried here. Lore says that witches gather here.

Latham Cemetery  - Haralson County
Latham Cemetery
Young Family Cemetery
Augustin Young Family Cemetery

Young Cemetery – Here lies the first deed holder of Stone Mountain – Augustin Young – who traded it for 2 mules.