Espresso Cocoa & Goat Milk Soap

Limited Series – Bundle Deal

Espresso Cocoa & Goat Milk Soap

A Beautiful Addition to your Soap Dish!

Both soaps have a slight cocoa scent because we use raw cocoa butter in the base recipe. The espresso soap has cocoa powder added to richen the color of the soap and to round out the delicious aroma of coffee. Kaolin clay is added to both bars for a more luxe feel.

No exfoliative additives in this soap.

All Natural Soap Combo

Made with Kaolin Clay, Shea & Cocoa Butters. No Added Fragrance

⚖ 10 +/- oz total
🐽 Natural: ☕ espresso & 🍫 cocoa (Vegan)
🐐 Natural: goat milk (Not Vegan)
💰 $14 for 2 bars
🧼 Luxury

Hey, Also – Keep in mind that we do make custom soap! Click here for more info!