December Craftings

Since that tent came in, I’ve been sparkling around all over the place, batching up loads of new goodies. For our December craftings, We’re adding bath salts, milks and teas to our line as well as a wonderful product called magnesium oil. But more on that later! Look at this!

December Craftings

From top to bottom:

  • Bohemian Linen
  • Oatmeal Milk & Honey
  • Blackberry Sage Tea
  • Garden Mint

Also Crafting

  • Tea Tree & Charcoal (Not Pictured. It’s black.)
  • Sweet Dreams (In Progress, Not Pictured)

The Garden Mint (bottom) was a spur of the moment add-in but I couldn’t resist. I found this beautiful green color hiding in the supply closet and just knew that it had escaped and was waiting for just the right bar to appear in. I’ve added poppy seeds for that little bit of exfoliation and a sprinkle of Vanilla Bean Powder to the top, for a little bit of a “garden dirt” feel. It smells so good! I can’t wait for you to try it. It’s available for pre-order, while supplies last!

I’m still working on the design for the Sweet Dreams bar. It’s the one that smells like Chocolate & Lavender. I’m trying to wrap my head around not having it brown and purple. I’d like something more dreamy, if you know what I mean.

Sweet Dreams

Also, I did add a Charcoal + Tea Tree oil bar of soap to the mix. It wasn’t planned either but I’d brought out the Activated Charcoal for another project and decided that it was about time to add it to the product line. That one is certainly a love it or hate it soap. Australian Tea Tree is a very loud fragrance that hosts a whole novel of benefits. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. If you haven’t, the internet can provide you way more info than I can, so look it up! If you aren’t using tea tree oil, perhaps you should give it a try.


Tweed Cold Process Soap

Tweed Cold Process Soap

Our Tweed Cold Process Soap is spicy, but it’s sweet! This is an intoxicating bend of French Verbena and Lemon, Green Florentine Iris and Violet leaves, with sublime notes of Sandalwood and Ambergris.

The scent profile Masculine.

“Tweed” is made with chlorella and vanilla bean powder for a green tweed look. Vegan & Palm Free

Proper Care & Handling of Tweed Cold Process Soap:

Tweed prefers to be high & dry. We do not recommend storing this soap in the shower. We do, however.  We keep our soap elevated, sitting on soap draining pad in shower on the nook. Unless we’re actively using it, water does not come in contact with our soap. Do not let your soap hang out in your bath water. We make bath salts for that!

This product is also available in our Facebook shop.

Tweed Cold Process Soap

These oils, butters, and additives are used to make our signature butter soap. Other options are available for custom and wholesale orders.

Olive Oil: We use Extra Virgin. Olive oil is good for everything, right? History says that we’ve been using olive oil on our skin for many, many years.  Before we figured out soap, olive oil was used to clean the skin. Of course, it’s in our soap!

Coconut Oil: We used Refined, so there’s no coconut smell.  We also use less than 25% in our luxury recipe. We feel that it is important to keep the coconut oil below 30%, and to let you know about it. Coconut oil is anti-viral and anti-bacterial oil. When used in soap, it generates a hard bar of soap that does a really good job at removing oil. We have a 99% coconut oil dish soap bar that will do excellent work when used to clean your dishes.

Shea Butter: We use a lot of shea butter. We use the generally accepted soaping maximum amount of shea butter. It does not contribute to the creaminess. It does not contribute to the lather.  Up to 9% of shea butter fat is unsaponifiable; which means that the oils, or fats, stay free to stick to your skin and stay there when the parts of it that turned to soap rinse away. Basically, It is just for luxury.

Cocoa Butter: Yep. Two butters. We wanted our soap to be extra luxurious, and it is!

Avocado Oil: -/+ Affects a Medium lather and mild cleaning results. Avocados are superfoods. They are extra rich in fancy fats and antioxidants, making it an especially great oil to use in soap.

This Soap may also contain: botanicals, exfoliants, clays, milks*, natural and cosmetic grade micas and oxides, essential and fragrance oils, gemstones (We are known to add crystal embeds to our soap), and various other ‘on a whim’ ingredients.

If this product causes irritation of any sort, or if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed, please do not use this soap.

Espresso Cocoa & Goat Milk Soap

A Beautiful Addition to your Soap Dish!

100% Natural + Goat Milk
No Added Fragrances
No Artificial Colorants

All Natural Soap Combo

Made with Kaolin Clay, Shea & Cocoa Butters with No Added Fragrance

Both bars of soap have a slight cocoa scent because we used raw cocoa butter in the base recipe. The espresso soap has cocoa powder added to richen the color of the soap and to round out the delicious aroma of coffee. Both the Espresso & the Goat Milk soap have kaolin clay added for a more luxe feel.

Hey, Also – Keep in mind that we do make custom soap! Click here for more info!