Go on, Customize it!

Botanicals. Exfoliants. Fragrances. Embeds

We love helping you customize your soap. Our soap loves playing dress-up. We even grow and pick our own organic pink roses just for special orders! So Contact us to customize your order. We have botanicals, seeds, salts, clays, crystals, and an entire supplier worth of fancy things to sprinkle on and mix into your soap.

Looking for something specific?

If you already have inspiration and you know exactly what you want, we totally dig that! Let us know what you are looking for and we will show out for you a little. We are serious about wanting you to customize your soap. Handcrafting soap helps keep us in line with our food goals. It’s like baking without feeling obligated to eat everything you make!

Choose your own color, scent and size.

Planning a Shower? We make full and hotel sized soaps for that special day. Send your guests back to their hotels with a luxurious bar of soap to wash the evening away with.

Own a Mercantile? Let us make an affordable luxury soap for your boutique that will bring your customers back over and over again!

Solid or Swirl

Nature is wild. Our soap is too. Select your colors or no color at all. We even have soap with swirls and twirls, each completely unique to itself. Remember how we said that our soap was wild?

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