Essential Oils

Florida Water Essential Oil Recipe

The most common use of Florida Water is to remove heavy or negative energies. As floral scented ‘elixir,’ it will help clear the mind of static. As a result, Florida Water will help balance your spirit and ground you in the present. This recipe blends together uplifting citrus notes with the calming notes of lavender.

Essential oil recipes are be curated specifically for you. If you do not like the aroma of an ingredient, change it. Alternatively, feel free to leave it out all together.

I have added frankensense or even sandalwood to this recipe as well. Mix it up. Make it complex or simple. Let your spirit guide your nose and experiment. Once you’ve found the right combination for you, be sure to write it down!

I hope that you enjoy this recipe. Please check in to let me know how it worked for you! Or, let me know what modifications you made. So start typing! I would love to hear from you!

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