I AM – Sigil Pendant

“I AM” (Happy) Sigil Pendant

Handmade with Hematite Beads and infused with Reiki. this “I AM” Sigil connects you with the universal life force energy and its desire to see you happy.
Keep Dry & Safe at all times.

2.25″ long x 1.5″ wide.
Sizes may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of this product.

I created this beautiful sigil during a time when I needed to find my center and I wanted to nourish my spirit. It was manifested with the magic of Saturn square and is wrapped in meaning.

The top bead represents “I” and is both the beginning and the end of the pendant. The second bead represents “Am” and is a free-floating bead, meaning that you are wherever you choose to be. The third bead, which I call the center, represents “Happy” and it winds around to enclose the “I” bead in a spiral of protection.

The coils are wrapped around the center hematite bead with deep intention and are reminiscent of the symbol Cho Ku Rei (Cho-Koo-Ray.) This symbol is the power symbol in Reiki healing practices. It acts as a catalyst to quicken and strengthen the Reiki healing process. The Cho Ku Rei aids Reiki healing by providing protection to the practitioner and to the receiver.