Carnelian Soap

What can we say? We love rocks, too! Yes, we have a little woo-woo in our Wildcraft. This soap could be mistaken for a specialty fudge.
Please don’t eat the soap.


Carnelian is a wonderful crystal for connecting with your sacral chakra. We crafted this soap to resemble the bands of deep red- oranges and cream colors that streak their way through the crystal embed that tops the bar. 

We recommend removing the crystal from the soap before use, but the choice is yours. Leaving it in place may help connect you back with the intention you’ve set for spiritual purposes when you in use.  As always, keep your soap dry between uses. Your bar will last longer if it is stored in a dry location.

To set your intention: Before initial and every use, focus your attention on your intention while you’re using this soap. Real Carnelian Agate Crystal Embed in each 6.5+ oz bar of Intention Soap. The properties of the Carnelian have been recharged in the passing full moon. 

This recipe is Vegan

Scent Profile:

Amber Woods: Grounding,
Oakmoss: Grounding,
Vetiver: Emotional Grounding,
Violet: Calming,
Musk: Calming, Grounding, Arousing
Bergamot: Uplifting, Calming,
Vanilla: Calming

Do Not Eat!