Manifestation Workings

Money Bowl

A Barefoot Wildcraft Working

For this Money Bowl, I have curated a gathering of words to share with a group of Wildcrafters on Facebook. I shared it here in easily accessible place. That way, it can be pinned and shared through the group. You are welcome to join us.

Hey Wildcrafters,

It’s Tasha. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this. This specific work was written to be used on February 27, 2020. It will be a Thursday, which is prime for money magic, a waxing crescent moon, which is perfect and day 5 of my bleed. It feels too right to not share with you. I think we can help each other out this month.

I wanted to let you know that I don’t offer opinions for specific crystals and plants regarding “What works best.” I ask you to use what calls to you. You are encouraged to make this deeply personal and believe in it as if it is only a story of something that has already happened to you.

I am super excited for you! Be sure to share the outcome with me on facebook!

Again soon,
Tasha Holden – The Barefoot Wildcrafter

P.S. The photos in this blog are not of my money bowl. These are just a few things from my home that I gathered together to show you how simple it is to concoct your own! If you would like to see more simple crafts like this one, please be sure to find me on all of the social media platforms.

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Money Bowl
For Wealth, Prosperity, Luck & Good Fortune
Moon: Waxing Crescent
Day of Week: Thursday
Color: Green
Supplies: Fire, Plants, Currency, Crystals, Incense, Intention, Pen & Paper Bowl, oil, Creativity

Green will be our focus color.
Green is a powerful color when combined with the intentions of money magic. Alternatively, substitutions may be made. Trust your intuition. 
White or black candles may be substituted, as they are a suitable replacement for any color. 

If you have the option of colored ink, use a green ink pen. A green coloring pencil, paint or crayon are also excellent options. Be creative & WildCrafty! 

When selecting your bowl, if you have the option to use a gold colored bowl, choose that one. If not, a green bowl is also a perfect choice. I use a green bowl that I purchased at The Dollar Tree.  

Clearing & Cleansing

Cleansing Space with Smoke
Cleansing the energies of the room for intention setting

Rituals, techniques, and materials used during clearings depends on the personal preference of each person. I have included examples below. Please choose one or a few that you have the tools to complete and that speaks to you. Cleanse yourself, your space and all of your tools prior to starting.
Actual Cleaning – Broom and Duster Method | Canting & Energy Transfer|  Salt – Neat, Water Solution, Etc. | Smudging | Moving, natural bodies of water | Sound | Crystals | Smoke – Incense stick, etc.

Intentions: Write them down

Intentions Should Be Written Down

It is important to be clear with your intentions. 
Include exactly what you want; including your feelings.
(ex: I want a dependable, reliable, stable income from a career that affords me the opportunity for a balanced home-work life in a place that I will thrive, grow, be happy and serve my highest good.)

I like to include the “Highest Good” portion because it incorporates a variety of belief systems and eliminates the need to add “With No Harm Done To Anyone Or Anything” – Although, feel free to add it to your intention mantra / petition. I do both for a “double down” safeguard. I am always seeking a higher vibration, so this works for me.

Crystals, Minerals, Stones & Rocks

Crystals, Minerals, Stones, Rocks
Make your crystal selection based on what you have available to you.

The collection below has been curated based on their helpfulness with achieving wealth, prosperity, success and specifically money. Use what you have. Don’t worry about what you don’t have. Use as many or as few as you’d like, but remember – you will need to program each selection with your intention/petition/mantra.
Pyrite, green jade, citrine, green aventurine, amazonite, rose quartz, emerald, amethyst, labradorite, garnet, black tourmaline, tigers eye, peridot, clear quartz. Malachite, green moss agate, selenite, ruby, blue kyanite, sapphire, carnelian, sunstone, gold, silver


A wide variety of herbs, spices, roots, etc. may be used

As with your Crystals, Minerals, Stones & Rocks, this collection has been curated with the same goal in mind. Again, use your intuition and use what is accessible. Use as much or as little as you’d like. Some of these may not be suitable for ingestion but we aren’t eating our money bowl. Some are also entire plants that are likely potted. Potted plants can be placed around your bowl for added success. As always, do your own research. This list is not exclusive or all inclusive.
Lucky bamboo, jade plant, P. Galabra (Braided Money Tree,) sage, sandalwood, orchid, echinacea, peace lily, strawberry leaf, jasmine, flax/linseed, rosemary, holy basil, fumitory, galangal/ Lo & High John the Conqueror, Basil, bay leaf (Laurel,) chamomile, ginger, honeysuckle, thyme, mandrake, cinnamon, allspice, meadowsweet, cloves, Irish moss, nutmeg, poppy seeds, cloves, lemongrass, oak, mint, bergamot, patchouli, bladderwrack, red clover, comfrey, cedarwood, pine needles, coltsfoot, yellow dock root 

Candle Working

Candle Working
Green, Gold, Black or White are all perfect choices

If you can remove your candle from its container, I recommend doing so. You will want to inscribe, or carve your petition into the candle. Feel free to create symbols or sigils to carve into your candle versus using words. If you are unable to remove the candle from its container, get wildcrafty! Use a permanent marker or even paint to decorate the glass.

There are methods for making several holes in your candle to pour oil in as well. I like the number 5 because it represents the 5 pointed star as well as Magic. It also represents the soul; which is where the divine energy is. Do whatever feels right.  Use whatever you have on hand. A pencil, stick, skewer, nail, knitting needle, a pin or a pen. You get the idea.

If you are unable to burn candles, ignite a green, gold, black or white crayon. It will burn. Remove the paper & remember fire safety. Crayons burn fast. Remember, do not leave an open flame unattended.

If you are not allowed an open flame whatsoever, you may want to move this work to a safe place outdoors.

With that said, if you are burning a 7 day candle, which I recommend, keep it somewhere safe like in a bowl of water and away from flammable things, in the shower or in the sink. Take every precaution you can to be safe. Keep in mind your pets or other people that may be in your home. If you cannot bring yourself to sleep or leave for the day with an open flame inside of your home, snuff out the candle.

Never, ever blow a working candle out. (Unless you change your mind.) If you do, it is as good as erasing your work. Snuff out the flame with your preferred method. I pinch the flame or put the lid on if that’s an option.  
Always burn the candle until it is completely gone. If you light the candle and let the top melt completely, it will help lessen the “hole down the center” burn pattern. Always light your candle when you have at least one hour to let it burn. Be sure to keep the wick trimmed to ¼” before you relight your candle.

The longer your candle can burn, the more powerful your work will be. 
If you have many smaller candles, use one for each day. 


Oils for dressing candle
Essential Oils Combine Plant Energy with your dressing.

Oils to dress or anoint your candle are recommended. Use whichever oil you have on hand. The more pure and unadulterated, the better. Essential oils are a wonderful choice because some may incorporate your plant attributes. Remember, when you are dressing your candle for Money, only pull your strokes toward you, as you want to bring money towards you, not push it away. Feel free to use crushed herbs and spices mixed in with the oils that you use. Add in some glitter if that’s what you like. Just remember to be cautious about what you put where the wax will pool. We’re still remembering fire safety.

The Work 

The Work
Make it deeply personal. Be clear about what you’re maifesting

This is not a set it and forget it wildcraft. This will require your attention many times a day. It is absolutely essential that you are up for a task that will take at least one week and that will require a lot of thinking and focus.

Go to your safe space. Breathe and ground yourself. Get centered so that you are able to focus. Thoroughly cleanse yourself, your space and all of your selected materials.  

Articulate your exact petition. Make sure to be clear and cover all of the bases regarding health, happiness,how, why, outcome, etc.. Write it down. Write it a few times if you need to. I like writing it five times, clockwise, so as to pull it towards me. Make it perfectly, exactly what you want.  Remember your petition. Make a sigil for it if you wish. Fold your paper five times, reciting your petition each time. Place aside until later.

Dress your candle. Carve into it your sigil or any symbols that you’d like. Rub any crushed herbs and spices into your carving. Anoint with oil, drawing strokes toward your heart. Recite your petition as you do this. Place the dressed candle in or near your bowl, in a safe place. 

Place programmed crystals in the bowl, along with chosen herbs and spices. Place at least one coin in the bowl as a seed to grow. Add other things of value as you wish. Continue to remember what you’re asking for as you build your bowl. 

Once your bowl is complete,place it on top of your folded paper. Remember your petition and light your candle. Let it burn. As the day passes, look at the flame and remember your petition. Say a prayer for your candle and  for the success of your petition at night. Check on it first thing in the morning and remember. Thank it always for what you are about to receive. See it as you pass by and remember. Snuff it out if you must, but remember and remember to relight it. Every time you think about or see your bowl, remember. Put your hands in your bowl. Caress your crystals and smell the herbs. Add coins or dollars, take them away. When you spend them, remember your petition and send them to do your work. Remember how you will feel when it is delivered. Let your candle burn until it will no longer burn. Once the flame is finally complete, the journey toward your petition begins.