Coming Soon! YOU GUYS! Our new Market tent came in last night and we’re ready for 2023! We were sure to get three side-panels to keep some of those upcoming winter winds at bay! Totally can’t wait to see you standing under the big top! It’s 10×10 and has the most fantastic solar powered lighting! If you’d like some of your own, at the time I’m writing this they are on sale. I ordered them from Here is a direct link to the ones I purchased. Anyway, let’s get to the loot!

Coming soon for our first release of 2023, we’ve got a line set up that absolutely SCREAMS Barefoot Wildcraft! A little sweet, a little bohemian, something wild and some oatmeal soap too! Can anyone else smell pictures? This line is coming soon and open for pre-order. Go ahead and get your order in so I can get you to the top of the list on release date!

We’re currently blending with Sunflower oil because we all need a little sunshine right now. If you’d like to check out the base ingredients for our soap, you can find that recipe on our current blends page. We blend up cocoa butter and shea butter with our oils for a luxurious & creamy feel!

Anyway, without further ado, I introduce you to the first release of 2023!

Sweet Dreams
Blackberry & Sage Tea
Bohemian Linen
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

Keep tabs over on facebook to see where we’re planting our feet in 2023! We are a minimally invasive page that as currently never used the @everyone tag. I can’t promise that won’t change, however.

Love & Sunshine,