The Heart of a Barefoot Wildcrafter

Something inside me has grown to need more than just what I have already. I crave adventure now, more than I ever have before. My birthday is soon. A new year of life awaits me. This year is the year of change. It will soon be 40 years since my first breath on this planet. I have so many plans. Firstly, I want to make it a part of my routine to be here. Barefoot Wildcraft has been calling to me for just over a year now. Up until this week, I have stared blankly at this screen with no idea how to formulate what I have in my head. Yet, somehow, as the full moon grows to completion, ideas are coming faster than I can adjust. I have had to start a document on my computer just to keep up with them. Sometimes they dissolve before I can get the document opened to start writing them down.

I want to keep this more of an emporium of thoughts. Imagine a dusty old book store. The appearance slightly of earth, wood and mysticism. This is a place that I will pour my ideas into, wildly.

Current Saved Ideas:

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