Alcohol Ink Ribbon With Gold Accents

Barefoot Wildcraft

Fluid Art - Alcohol Ink with Gold Lines and Glitters
Fluid Art - Alcohol Ink with Gold Lines and Glitters

Tasha Holden

Energy Healer, Soapstress, Creator, Woodland Creature, Rock Hunter, Wanderer, Medicine Woman

Fluid Art - Alcohol Ink with Gold Lines and Glitters
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What clients say about energy healing

Crown Chakra-Sahasrara

It's like her hands generate this heat that your body naturally draws in. It's an experience that has helped me slow down and be present with myself. I never realized how much I needed my own attention. - Jamie C.

Heart Chakra-Anahata

I feel more balanced and light after a healing session. It's like a cord that has been holding me down has been cut and I can move freely again. - Megan R.

Sacral Chakra-Svadhisthana

At first, I just felt more relaxed but as the days passed, I noticed that I genuinely felt better. My friends even asked what I'd been up to because I actually had a smile on my face! I will definitely schedule a session at least once a month. - Abbye B.

What you should know

My mission is to promote the natural healing and wellness of the energetic & physical body. It is important to understand that you must accept the healing energy for it to work for you. I do not control this energy. I am only a vessel from which it pours. I do not direct or command the energy. I only ask that it be used for the greater good. This energy does not have the capability to cause harm to anyone or anything, without exception. This energy is powered by universal Love.

xoxTasha Holden


Rose gold alcohol ink splash
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